Thursday, March 02, 2006

U2 fever

I woke up this morning and it was the most beautiful feeling. Want to know why? :) I remembered that this time in two weeks I will be going up to Auckland. Then I remembered that in two weeks and one day I will be going to the U2 concert.

It suddenly feels very close. Like how it feels when it's two weeks before your tenth birthday and you now have a reasonable right to start counting down. I think I just find it so hard to believe I'll see them in the flesh, in 3-D. The only time I've ever seen anyone else who is actually famous in a worldwide way is when Bill Clinton drove past my school in 1999 (I'm convinced he smiled at me. Me alone. I was waving a sign saying 'ton'--the last piece of a sign my friends and I made that said Hel lo Mr Clin ton, on five bits of A4 paper). That was so thrilling and I don't even like him that much. I can actually see myself getting sick with excitement over this. :S Which I very much hope doesn't happen!

A friend diagnosed me with U2 fever before. She's got the same symptoms, apparently.

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Patty said...


U2 fever huh? Hehe. I got bit by a Photographybug. Actually didn't feel a thing. And I am still in good health. :)

I typed in a long comment on the post I Return, Wounded, but when I clicked publish, there was an error. So, since I was very tired I didn't feel like retyping it. I'll go retype what I can remember in just a little bit.