Friday, March 10, 2006


These are some photos Patty wanted to see--when she gets back from her vacation I suppose! I posted them in cartoon format a few days ago, so here are the originals.

Just heard on the news that it's rumoured The Edge's seven-year-old daughter has leukaemia. Gosh, how horrible. I feel kinda bad because when you think about it my response to the original news of the postponement was completely juvenile and lacking in perspective.

I have been watching a lot of Season 4 of Alias today (my one uni-free weekday); my friend has the DVD box set and she lent it to me. It's so good! Fantastic soundtrack (it even has a U2 song, Bad, at one point), just the same creepiness, and the characters are really cool, as usual. It's so bad, I'll watch one episode and go "ooh I have to watch one more!" because of some big cliffhanger at the end, and suddenly I've watched four in a row without realising it. :(

Later: just realised this is the 100th post on my blog! Yay!

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Patty said...

I'm not gone yet. I'll be leaving tomorrow night for a week or so. I may or may not get on the internet during that time. Don't know yet.

I tryed leaving a comment on the last post, but it made an error again.

I wrote:


That stinks about the whole U2 thing. I hope everything works out. You deserve to go.

Thanks for posting those original photos! Pretty.