Monday, March 27, 2006


Another photo from Piha, tweaked a little, obviously.

I would really really really like to send a card to PostSecret (the blog under my links to blogs) but I can't think of any secrets I have! I'm going to have to do some serious sitting-down-and-thinking. Actually, no I shouldn't--I should be studying for a linguistics test on Thursday... sighhh... Linguistics this year has been so much harder than last year, and requires about triple the amount of concentration. :P

I am handing in another piece of writing for my creative writing class to dismember today. It's part of a story I've been writing, but I just gave them the first half to look at or it would be a bit too long. I will report on how it goes! The idea this time is to write something, any way we want it, on a character. My character is an old male piano tuner. I quite like the story, actually, so I hope they don't demolish it too badly!

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Patty said...

Haha. I've been wanting to do the same thing-send a secret in. I have lots of secrets.

The old male piano tuner sounds like an interesting character. Although I'd probably title mine, The Young Dashingly Handsome Piano Tuner. :)

We actually had a piano tuner guy come & tune our new upright piano recently. This job has been in his family for a very long time. I didn't meet him, but he wasn't old old, mabey in his 30's-40's.